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Formed by Richard and Jonathan to combine skills, FrameLyst ....

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Richard's dedicated media company

Richard - co founder

Jonathan - co founder

Jonathan's dedicated film unit

Richard Ashby


Rich has been actively involved in digital content for over 20 years, and has worked across a range of digital sectors. He has produced video and digital marketing content for the University of Leeds, University of Bradford, University of East Anglia, NASA, NHS, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and Rosalind Franklin Institute.


Digital advertising and media promotion, video editing, motion graphics and storyboarding.

Jonathan LaThangue


Jonathan is a well rounded 3D artist with a great skills palette. He has worked on numerous high profile projects including advanced Jet flight training for the RAF, over a thousand furniture models for a major design company in Milan, and many product related models and animation. He also has architectural and character animation experience.


3d animation, story telling, lighting, camera operation and editing.With a strong background in music, Jonathan has a keen ear for soundtracks and timing.

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