3D animation

Make your research connect with audiences through captivating animation. FrameLyst offer a wide range of visual styles from photorealism, through to abstract visualisations. We will listen carefully to your needs to develop the optimal visual approach.
We cover every technical and creative aspect allowing you to focus on the content and messages you want to promote.


FrameLyst offer a complete film production service covering different needs including short interviews for social media channels, through to long-form content designed for YouTube, Vimeo, conferences and webinars.
We also provide motion graphic, audio, colour grading and video editing services to make your content clear, cohesive and distinctive.

Virtual Reality

Some types of research benefit from an additional dimension. Watching an animation of a chemical reaction is interesting, although imagine walking round it and navigating the structure in real time. FrameLyst can make this a (virtual) reality.
We support all major VR headsets and the industry standard Unreal Engine to help you and your clients step into an immersive world.

Media promotion

FrameLyst can ensure your video content reaches relevant audiences who will engage with the research.
With over 20 years experience in higher education and research marketing we understand how to leverage organic and paid social media channels effectively, and use video channels to amplify your research.

Build whole worlds, or just focus in on the detail. We're with you every step of the way.

We can create bespoke animations for any purpose. Whether you need a short vertical video for social media channels, through to an impactful 4K trailer for a keynote speech, FrameLyst have it covered.

All our work is driven by strong production values, and cutting-edge technology.

Short form.
Long form.
Bespoke and unique.

Trust FrameLyst to deliver impactful films that resonate with your audiences, and help communicate your research effectively. We shoot all projects with professional grade equipment and edit using the highest levels of quality.

We provide:

● Short films
Ideal for social media channels, and can be provided in a variety of aspect ratios.
● Interviews
Footage designed to showcase your research or business. We can shoot a variety of styles from informal conversations, through to more formal presentations.
● Documentary features
Longer, more in-depth filming that may also include motion graphics and animation.

Virtual reality

Step into the scene.

To complement our animation services FrameLyst also provide VR support. There are a wide number of use cases for this technology including industrial design, pharmaceutical manufacturer, product visualisations and many more.

We base all VR projects on the following principles:

● Practicality
We will have an initial discovery session to understand if VR is the right fit foryour project, and if it will be appropriate for your audience.

● Interoperability
Ensuring content works on a variety of headsets essential, as your audience mayuse a wide range of devices from entry level through to high end kit.

● Comfort
As a fully immersive experience we realise VR can make some users uncomfortable. We design experiences that mitigate motion sickness and other issues through high refresh rates, no sudden movements or flashing images. We can provide fully seated experiences without the need for room scale movement.

Services we offer:

● VR scene development
● Scripting
● Audio development

Media promotion

Reach, connect and engage

Unlike many other animation companies FrameLyst offer a complete advertising solution to help promote your content and reach relevant audiences.
Having worked with academic and research clients for over two decades our team have the experience to deliver successful campaigns.
We understand the nuances andcomplexities of each channel, take your brand safety very seriously and can optimise your content accordingly.

We provide:

● Strategic support
A clear paid advertising strategy helps ensure goals are achieved, KPIs exceeded and budgets are properly managed. FrameLyst can help.
● Campaign activation
We support all major platforms including LinkedIn and programmatic display.
● Audience and competitor analysis
Having knowledge of the market and trends can be helpful in coordinating campaigns and maximising performance.
● Contextual targeting
Using relevant keywords ensures your content is served on the right websitesand is seen by decision makers. Services we offer:
● Media strategy
● Campaign management for paid social and display channels
● Account audits
● Reporting
● Brand safety assessments
● Creative reviews

Even the most disrupting product needs a great brand to get business results.

Your company's brand identity should be as groundbreaking as your product.

Key reasons to choose FrameLyst:

Access to the latest graphic techniques
We regularly research emerging technology to continually enhance our offering, and deliver outstanding animations.

Still images and visualisations
Need images for presentations, guides and reports? We can help.

Flexible visual options
Using customisable shaders enables us to easily change the look of the animation to your preferred style.

Everything from photorealism through to stylised interpretations of research.

Fluid simulation
Very helpful when creating medical animations. Elements including viscosity andflow can be fully calibrated.

Motion graphics
Captions, overlays and templates for video, social media and presentations.

Advanced particle effects
Can be used to effectively illustrate the movement of cells, gases and chemical reactions.

Combining elements seamlessly to create realistic final scenes.

Accurate physics
Our software can simulate Newtonian physics, and can also run alternative models.

Colour grading
We offer a range of options using motion picture grade software to bring footage to life.

Sophisticated lighting
When used in conjunction with shaders can elevate the look of the final animation.

We provide a full editing and post-production service to enhance existing footage and keep your audiences engaged.

Perfect media
There's a plethora of optimum delivery formats to suit.

Sound choices
Add excellent sound quality and the perfect soundtrack.

What they say about us - What they say about us - What they say about us - What they say about us - What they say about us -

What they say - What they say - What they say - What they say - What they say - What they say -

Marcela Pomphrey

Marketing manager | 299 Lighting

"We have worked with Jonathan on many projects and he has never failed to surprise us with the level of creativity and fresh perspective he brings to his work."

Dr Caitlin Higgott

Rosalind Franklin Institute

"Richard and his team were brilliant to work with, they are friendly, approachable, and went to great lengths to understand our project. We especially appreciated their attention to detail and openness during the editing approach."

Mihaela Gruia

Director | Research Retold

"I collaborated with Richard on several projects and developed a great working relationship. Richard is a team player, he is organised and enthusiastic about his work, which he performs in a professional and reliable manner."


How much does a typical project cost?

As every project is bespoke this can vary. When providing estimates we can work to your budgets and provide flexible options. .

How long does a typical project take to complete?

This can vary depending on the complexity of animation, length and other factors. For simple projects an estimated time frame would be four weeks.

Will I own the final content?

Yes you will have complete rights to use final works however you choose. Please note we do not provide original edit files.

How do I promote the finished work?

We can help, and offer complete paid media promotion and content strategy services.

Do you provide licensed music?

Yes and can also help source professional voice over artists..